Alea Publishing Catalog: Trio

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Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer: Fractum
Fractum, a trio for flute, bass clarinet and piano with a duration of approximately 2'30", was written for the Het Trio by Mexican composer Ana Paola Santillán Alcocer in 2003.

Catalog #ALEA1068; $20

J.S. Bach: Sinfonias
Like the Two-Part Inventions, Bach's Three-Part Inventions, or Sinfonias, are wonderful works of counterpoint, originally composed for solo keyboard. With this transcription, these fascinating works become available to clarinet ensemble - specifically 2 clarinets and extended-range bass.

Catalog #ALEA1022; $20

Beethoven: Trio Op.87
Beethoven's Trio Op.87 was composed in 1794, for the somewhat unusual instrumentation of two oboes and english horn. It was arranged for various other instrumentations during Beethoven's lifetime, including a version which he approved for publication, for two violins and viola. We are delighted to share the work with clarinetists in this new transcription for three soprano clarinets.

Catalog #ALEA1110; $20

Carey: Petite Suite
Petite Suite for clarinet trio (two clarinets, bass clarinet) is a wonderfully engaging and accessible work for clarinet ensemble. In keeping with the title, the work consists of four short movements, each composed in a distinct dance style. The work would make an excellent selection for contest or recital for students.

Catalog #ALEA1169; $20

Haydn: Four 'London' Trios
Haydn's lovely 'London' Trios, so called because they were written during one of the composer's stays in London, were originally composed for two flutes and 'cello. The first and third of the Trios are each three movements in length, with the slow-fast-slow arrangement common of the period. The second and fourth Trios are each just one movement. The four pieces can be performed as a group, but also stand alone just as convincingly.

Catalog #ALEA1047; $20

Haydn: Trios, Volumes 1 & 2
Haydn's string trios are ideally suited to young players and students of all ages. Although they require intelligent musicianship, they are short in duration and do not place any great technical demands on any of the three players. From Haydn's total output of more than 20 string trios, we have chosen eight which are well-suited for transcription for clarinet trio.

Catalog #ALEA1111, #ALEA1112; $20 each

March: Dragonfly
English composer Andrew March's Dragonfly for flute, viola, and harp (2001; 2016) adds to the repertoire for this unique ensemble originally conceived by Debussy.

Catalog #ALEA1154; $30

March: Dragonfly
English composer Andrew March's Dragonfly for clarinet, bass clarinet and piano (2001; 2017) is a re-working of the piece listed above, making it available to clarinetists.

Catalog #ALEA1182; $30

Minguella: Nottingham
Nottingham, a piece for prepared piano, bass clarinet and spoken voice, is an example of composer Maria Minguella's goal to merge themes of equality, social exclusion and poverty into instrumental and lyric music composition.

Catalog #ALEA1096; $30

Mozart: Divertimenti
Mozart's Divertimenti contain some of the most charming, beautiful, and intimate music Mozart ever composed. In addition to the five Divertimenti, K.229 (439b), this transcription includes the Divertimento based on themes from The Marriage of Figaro. A complete recording of all pieces is included. 2nd Edition.

Catalog #ALEA1005, #AR003; $40

Mozart: Nocturnes
This volume provides a lovely set of six simple trios for two clarinets and bass clarinet, pulling from the beautiful language of late Mozart. In the 1780s, Mozart composed six short works for three voices (SSB or STB) accompanied by three clarinets and/or basset horns, which doubled the vocal lines. This arrangement presents just the instrumental lines as a trio for two clarinets and bass clarinet. Original keys and range are maintained throughout.

Catalog #ALEA1119; $15

Hans Tobel: Suite
Dutch composer Hans Tobel's Suite for 2 clarinets and bass clarinet (Op.39) was composed in 2015. The Suite consists of an introductory movement followed by four distinct dance-style movements. The Suite is an excellent selection for students and amateur ensembles.

Catalog #ALEA1160; $20

Hans Tobel: Trio Bassoso
Dutch composer Hans Tobel's Trio Bassoso, for three bass clarinets, is an outstanding student-level ensemble piece.

Catalog #ALEA1075; $15

Henk Tromp: Six Trios
Dutch composer Henk Tromp's Six Trios, for two clarinets and bass clarinet, is an outstanding student-level ensemble piece.

Catalog #ALEA1079; $20