Alea Publishing Catalog: Duo

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Adams: Reflecting Pool
Daniel Adams composed Reflecting Pool in 2015 for clarinetists LeTriel White and Richard Nunemaker, and the work has already seen several performances by these artists. The single-movement piece, which has a duration of about seven minutes, includes roughly equal challenges for both players, including frequent meter changes, and includes some modern techniques such as multiphonics and tongue slaps.

Catalog #ALEA1150; $16

J.S. Bach: Inventions
The Two-Part Inventions of J.S. Bach, expertly arranged for clarinet/bass clarinet duet by Michael Davenport. Original keys maintained throughout. May be played with two soprano clarinets, but when clarinet and bass clarinet are used, the range of the original keyboard works is maintained.

Catalog #ALEA1004; $15

Beethoven: 'Eyeglass' Duo, WoO 32

This transcription allows for the work, originally for viola and 'cello, to be comfortably played on clarinet and bass clarinet, with no requirement for an extended-range instrument. One or both movements could make a lovely addition to a recital, or would make an excellent choice for a contest piece.

Catalog #ALEA1065; $10

Beethoven: Three Duos, WoO 27
Three delightful Duos by Beethoven, originally for clarinet and bassoon, are published here in transcription for clarinet and bass clarinet. Attribued to early in Beethoven's output, these Duos are each set in three movements offering lively dialogue between the two instruments. Individually or as a set, the Duos would make an excellent addition to a recital program.

2nd Edition released November 2013

Catalog #ALEA1010; $15

Boismortier: 6 Sonatas
The 6 Sonatas by J.B. Boismortier (1691-1755) for two 'celli work wonderfully in transcription for bass clarinet duet. Each Sonata consists of four short movements. The composer makes use of imitation throughout, and therefore the two parts are virtually equal in range and difficulty.

Catalog #ALEA1018; $15

Boismortier: 9 Short Sonatas and Chaconne, Op.66
The 9 Short Sonatas and Chaconne by J.B. Boismortier (1691-1755) were originally composed for two 'celli, two bassoons, or two gambas. They are masterfully crafted short pieces for two bass instruments, and are wonderfully effective in transcription for bass clarinet duet. Each Sonata consists of several short dance movements, while the final Chaconne is a bit longer and more challenging.

Catalog #ALEA1019; $20

Carey: Duetto in B-flat minor
Duetto in B flat minor was composed in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in July 1999 and subsequently revised in Cyberjaya, Malaysia in November 2015. Over a measured bass a broad melody explores the tension inherent between a largely chromatic line and a firmer sense of tonality, the B flat minor referred to in the title only being definitively established in the last few bars of the piece.

Catalog #ALEA1137; $10

Carey: Morceau brève sur le nom 'Roland'
This short, single-movement work makes an excellent addition to the repertoire for clarinet/bass clarinet duo. The imitative nature of the work results in relatively equal challenges for both players, and the full range of the bass clarinet is used to great dramatic effect.

Catalog #ALEA1159; $12

Carey: Two Rhythmic Duos
Two Rhythmic Duos for two bass clarinets by Ross James Carey focuses on the rhythmic interplay between the two instruments. In No.I, a widely spaced melodic line is explored in a lively, playful manner. No.II is more measured, a rhythmic canon forming the basis of the interweaving melodies.

Catalog #ALEA1151; $10

Gabriel: Sonatina Op.79
The Sonatina Op.79 for clarinet and bass clarinet was composed in 2003 by Austrian composer Wolfgang Gabriel (1930-). This challenging and dramatic three movement work, with a duration of about 18 minutes, would make an excellent recital piece for the college or professional duo.

Catalog #ALEA1020; $20

Gottschalk: Oh, More or Less
American composer Arthur Gottschalk's Oh, More or Less was composed in 2011 for Henri Bok's "Duo Hevans", his bass clarinet/tenor saxophone duo with his wife, Ann Evans. Alea is pleased to publish both this original composition, and the composer's revised version for bass clarinet duo.

Catalog #ALEA1089a, ALEA1089b; $15

Haydn: Duet Hob.XXI:4
Haydn's relatively unknown Duet for two celli is wonderfully effective in transcription for bass clarinet duet. The Duet consists of three movements: a Theme with Variations, a lovely Allegro, and a Menuetto and Trio. The familiar style and limited range of the work make it quite accessible, and therefore a fine addition to the contest and recital library of students of all ages.

Catalog #ALEA1015; $5

Haydn: Il Maestro e lo Scolare Hob.XVIIa:1
Haydn's Il Maestro e lo Scolare, a two-movement work for piano duet, was composed in about 1778, and is well-known among piano teachers as an excellent pedagogical work. This transcription makes the first movement of this work available as a duo for either two clarinets or two bass clarinets.

Catalog #ALEA1171; $10

Kummer: Six Duets Op.156
Friedrich August Kummer (1797-1879) was primarily known as a virtuoso cellist, and the bulk of his compositions feature that instrument. From his prolific output, we have chosen the Op. 156 duets for two cellos for transcription for bass clarinet duet.

Catalog #ALEA1060; $20

Landini & Machaut: Duos
Alea Publishing is pleased to release this volume of short duos by Francesco Landini (1325-1397) and Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377), expertly arranged by bass clarinetist Aage Nielsen. While the transcription is wonderfully suited to bass clarinet duet, the volume is also being made available in alternate versions to allow for further versatility: clarinet duet, viola duet (alto clef) and bass clef in C.

Catalog #ALEA1026; $12

Loudová: Duo Concertante
Czech composer Ivana Loudová's dramatic duo for bass clarinet and marimba, composed in 1982, and now available in published form for the first time!

Catalog #ALEA1095; $20

Marais: Chaconne
Baroque composer Marin Marais' Chaconne, originally composed for viola da gamba and basso continuo, is wonderfully effective in this transcription for bass clarinet duet, with neither part requiring an extended-range instrument.

Catalog #ALEA1086; $10

March: Spring Tide Arabesque
Spring Tide Arabesque (2016) for bass clarinet duo is a single-movement work presenting each player with equal rhythmic challenges, yet does not include modern techniques or extremes of range.

Catalog #ALEA1166; $16

March: Two Pieces
Two Pieces (2017) for bass clarinet duo are written in an advanced, modern idiom, making use of contemporary techniques, with fingerings provided for the more atypical parts. Inspired by meteorological phenomena, each takes a contrasting approach to exploring the force of nature in the wind, ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging tornado.

Catalog #ALEA1201; $24

Mastikosa: Talons
Talons is a dramatic, single-movement work for bass clarinet duet by the Bosnian composer David Mastikosa (1992-). The work is dedicated to Ken Kunita and William Hayter. The work, with its use of the full range of the instrument in both parts, multiphonics, and passages of rhythmic and technical challenge, would be ideal for professional players or advanced students.

Catalog #ALEA1133; $20

Mazis: KELADOS in D
KELADOS in D for flute and clarinet was composed in 2012 by Greek composer Spiros Mazis. Kelados (an ancient Greek word) means: noise of rushing waters, loud, screaming, agitation (Aeschylus) and musical sound (Euripides). Also, it means sound, voice of providential laws (Pindar). The work describes all these contrasting emotional tones.

Catalog #ALEA1140; $25

Mozart: Duos
Mozart's brilliant Duos, originally for violin and viola, are now available in this versatile transcription for clarinet and bass clarinet or bass clarinet duet. Each Duo is a large, three-movement work providing excellent musical and technical challenges for the bass clarinetist.

Catalog #ALEA1006; $15

Mozart: Sonata K.292
This short three-movement sonata was originally composed for bassoon and 'cello, or two 'cellos. Since already a work for two low-range instruments, this piece is quite effective in transcription for bass clarinet duo, bassoon duo, or a combination of the two instruments; all three versions are available.

2nd Edition released May 2012.

Catalog #ALEA1011a, ALEA1011b, ALEA1011c; $10 or 15

Pergolesi: Sinfonia
This four-movement Sinfonia was composed for two cellos, with the top part clearly a solo line, and the lower part a simple accompaniment. The fourth movement of the piece was used by Stravinsky as the thematic material for his famed Pulcinella suite. This piece is an absolute gem!

Catalog #ALEA1048; $8

Rameau: Duets, Volumes 1 & 2
A contemporary of Bach, Handel, Scarlatti and Telemann, Jean-Philippe Rameau was one of the most important composers of the Baroque era. These arrangements for clarinet and bass clarinet duet are taken from a few of Rameau's many charming pieces for solo keyboard.

Catalog #ALEA1103, #ALEA1104; $8 each

Reinagle: Seven Easy Duets
This collection of duets, originally for cello duo, were designed by the composer to be musically appealing, yet accessible for beginners. The two parts are of equal difficulty, and do not present any extremes of range or significant technical difficulty. Each duet includes two short movements of contrasting style. The duos would make excellent sight-reading material for student and teacher in a lesson setting, or an excellent choice for a first duet for young bass clarinetists to perform.

Catalog #ALEA1184; $15

A. Scarlatti: Three Sonatas
Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725) was an Italian composer of the Baroque period who is primarily known for his operas. In this transcription for bass clarinet duet of his Three Sonatas for two 'cellos, young students have the opportunity to experience his lovely Baroque counterpoint.

Catalog #ALEA1183; $10

D. Scarlatti: Sonata K. 322
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) was an Italian composer of the Baroque period who is primarily known for his more than 500 keyboard sonatas. In this transcription for clarinet and bass clarinet duet of the Sonata K. 322, young students have the opportunity to experience this wonderful example of simple Baroque counterpoint.

Catalog #ALEA1115; $5

D. Scarlatti: Sonata K. 3
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) was an Italian composer of the Baroque period who is primarily known for his more than 500 keyboard sonatas. In this transcription for clarinet and bass clarinet duet of the Sonata K. 3, intermediate students have the opportunity to experience this wonderful example of intricate Baroque counterpoint.

Catalog #ALEA1116; $5

Schuessler: Colonel Ketchum's Celluloid Delirium Spiral
Challenging and dramatic single-movement work for bass clarinet duo by American composer Philip Schuessler

Catalog #ALEA1165; $24

Schuessler: Fireflies Were Making Decodable Signals
In this work for bass clarinet and percussion, American composer Philip Schuessler pushes the idea of contrast (but also balance). The instruments oscillate between disparate extremes of tempo, dynamic, color, and gesture while fluctuating into and out of eerily serene patterns.

Catalog #ALEA1163; $20

Schuessler: Patchwork Vespers
Patchwork Vespers for bass clarinet and vibraphone is a contemplative yet rhythmically active work that uses tiny, fragmented pulses and hocket that weave together like a patchwork quilt. The work balances asymmetrical elements of rhythm and intervallic cells to create various levels of structural cadence.

Catalog #ALEA1164; $24

Setiawan: Mars au Montmartre
We are delighted to add to our catalog Mars au Montmartre (2015) by Indonesian composer Krisna Setiawan, making the work of this important composer available to a wider audience. Mars au Montmartre is a single-movement work for clarinet and bass clarinet which features a rhythmically intense counterpoint between the two instruments.

Catalog #ALEA1135; $12

Setiawan: Merapi
We are delighted to add to our catalog Merapi (2011) by Indonesian composer Krisna Setiawan, making the work of this important composer available to a wider audience. Merapi is a short work for clarinet and voice (soprano range). The title references Indonesia's most active volcano, yet the composer stresses that the understanding of the text's meaning is not crucial, as he envisioned the voice as an instrument.

Catalog #ALEA1134; $12

Telemann: Six Sonatas
Telemann composed this lovely set of Six Sonatas for two flutes, violins, or recorders in 1727. Each sonata consists of four movements, arranged in typical baroque fashion, slow-fast-slow-fast. As is common in baroque duo works, the parts are imitative, resulting in equal range and challenges for both players.

Catalog #ALEA1029; $20

Telemann: Six Canonic Sonatas
This transcription offers clarinetists and bass clarinetists an excellent set of baroque pieces for performance or study. Because of the range of the original, the duos are equally effective for clarinet duet or bass clarinet duet, and do not require use of the lowest or highest ranges of either instrument. The original keys and range have been maintained throughout.

Catalog #ALEA1059; $15

Tiutiunnik: Sacred Night
Sacred Night, a brief single-movement work by Australian composer Katia Tiutiunnik for violin, bass clarinet, and digital delay, was composed in 2014. The piece is imitative in nature, with the interplay between the two instruments then augmented by the digital delay.

Catalog #ALEA1149; $20

Tozzola: 7 Pasos
7 Pasos (2014) is a highly energetic, rhythmic, and powerful duo written for two bass clarinets. The piece is a display of the diverse colours of Argentinean popular music. Written for 2 low C instruments, both parts are enjoyable to play through its ever-changing rhythms while exploring within spaces left for improvising.

Catalog #ALEA1194; $16