Title Akiko Ogawa: Fanfare
Instrumentation Clarinet Quartet:
2 clarinets, basset horn, bass clarinet
Range Extended range instrument required for bass clarinet part.
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About the Work

Fanfare is a dramatic single-movement work for clarinet quartet - specifically, 2 clarinets, basset horn, and bass clarinet - with a duration of about 6 minutes. The work would make for an excellent addition to a recital program, especially for an ensemble with comfort with modern techniques; performers will be presented with challenges including changing meters, multiphonics, slap tonguing, etc. An extended-range instrument is required for the bass clarinet part.

About the Composer

Akiko Ogawa was born in Nagoya, Japan. She started to play the piano at the age of four, and began composing three years later. In September 1994, she was awarded a bursary to study at the Purcell School, where she learnt composition with Alison Cox, Melanie Daiken, Brian Elias and Richard Dubugnon. In September 2000, Akiko went on to study composition at the Royal Academy of Music, studying under Paul Patterson, where she graduated with Honours. Akiko completed her MPhil in Musical Composition at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge under Robin Holloway, where she was chosen to be the president of the music society. In July 2011, Akiko was awarded her PhD in Composition at the University of York, where she studied under Roger Marsh.

Akiko has had a number of her ensemble works performed by the Okeanos ensemble across the UK, including a performance of Interweaving at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival in 2005, and a performance of Kōyō in Dartington in 2009. In 2008, her second clarinet concerto, The White Bird, premiered at the Royal Festival Hall, performed by Mark van de Wiel and members of the Philharmonia Orchestra. Akiko has taken part in the International Dartington Summer Course in 2009 and 2010, where she was instructed by Somei Satoh and Julian Anderson respectively.

Catalog Info #ALEA1126
Score: 15 pages, spiral bound
Parts: 7 pages each, staple bound