Title Mozart: Nocturnes
Instrumentation Two Clarinets & Bass Clarinet
Range Extended-range instrument NOT required for bass clarinet part.
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This volume provides a lovely set of six simple trios for two clarinets and bass clarinet, pulling from the beautiful language of late Mozart. In the 1780s, Mozart composed six short works for three voices (SSB or STB) accompanied by three clarinets and/or basset horns, which doubled the vocal lines. This arrangement presents just the instrumental lines as a trio for two clarinets and bass clarinet. Original keys and range are maintained throughout, which would enable a collaboration with vocalists, but the works stand quite nicely as simple trios. Because of their short length, and the limited range for all three players, the trios are quite accessible for young players.

The works included in this volume are:

  • K.439 - Due pupille amabili
  • K.438 - Se lontan, ben mio, tu sei
  • K.436 - Ecco quel fiero istante
  • K.437 - Mi lagnero tacendo
  • K.346 - Luci care, luci belle
  • K.549 - Piu non si trovano

Listen to the works in their original setting, with voices doubling the clarinet/bass clarinet lines!

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1119
Score: 13 pages, spiral bound
Three parts: 4 pages each, booklet