Title Haydn: Trios
Volumes 1 & 2
Instrumentation Trio: two clarinets, bass clarinet
Range Extended range instrument required for bass clarinet part
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Haydn's string trios are ideally suited to young players and students of all ages. Although they require intelligent musicianship, they are short in duration and do not place any great technical demands on any of the three players. A brief listen to examples from the playlist below will give a taste of the nature of these works!

From Haydn's total output of more than 20 string trios, we have chosen eight which are well-suited for transcription for clarinet trio. We selected those trios which do not provide excess challenges of difficult keys, overly high range in the first part, or double-stops from the string original, so that they are comfortable for clarinetists without losing any of their musical value.

The bass clarinet part requires an extended-range instrument in order to remain completely faithful to the original works' range. However, this range is needed only rarely, and such passages could easily be moved up one octave for a student without an extended-range instrument.

Volume 1 contains:

  • Trio Hob. V:16 in C Major, 3 movements (Allegro, Menuet/Trio, Presto)
  • Trio Hob. V:20 in G Major, 3 movements (Allegro, Menuet/Trio, Presto)
  • Trio Hob. V:D3 in D Major, 3 movements (Adagio, Menuet/Trio, Allegro)
  • Trio Hob. V:21 in D Major, 3 movements (Adagio Siciliano, Allegro, Menuet/Trio)

Volume 2 contains:

  • Trio Hob. V:G1 in G Major, 3 movements (Allegro molto, Menuet/Trio, Presto)
  • Trio Hob. V:11 in E-flat Major, 2 movements (Moderato, Tempo di Menuet)
  • Trio Hob. V:C3 in C Major, 4 movements (Allegro molto, Menuet/Trio, Andante, Allegro molto)
  • Trio Hob. V:F1 in F Major, 3 movements (Moderato, Menuet/Trio, Presto Scherzo)

* Keys listed are concert keys


Listen to the work in its original instrumentation! This playlist contains all of the Trios which are included in this publication, the first four in Volume 1 and the second four in Volume 2.

Catalog Info Volume 1: Catalog #ALEA1111
Three parts: Clarinet 1 (20 pages); Clarinet 2 (18 pages); Bass Clarinet (16 pages)

Volume 2: Catalog #ALEA1112
Three parts: Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, and Bass Clarinet, 12 pages each