Title Beethoven: Trio Op.87
Instrumentation Three Clarinets
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Beethoven's Trio Op.87 was composed in 1794, for the somewhat unusual instrumentation of two oboes and english horn. It was arranged for various other instrumentations during Beethoven's lifetime, including a version which he approved for publication, for two violins and viola. We are delighted to share the work with clarinetists in this new transcription for three soprano clarinets.

The Trio is not particularly difficult, and does not demand any extremes of range from any of the three players. It would serve well as an addition to a concert program for an amateur ensemble, or perhaps make a good contest piece for a high school ensemble.

The four-movement work begins with a sonata-form first movement, followed by a lyrical Adagio, a Menuetto-Trio, and an animated finale. The full work has a duration of just over 20 minutes.


To get a taste of the music, enjoy this fine recording in the original instrumentation:

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1110
Three parts: Staple bound
Clarinet 1: 16 pages; Clarinets 2 and 3: 12 pages each