Title Hans Tobel: Quartet for Clarinets Op.20 (2010)
Instrumentation Clarinet Quartet
Clarinet 1, Clarinet 2, Clarinet 3/Bass Clarinet 2, Clarinet 4/Bass Clarinet 1
Range Extended range instrument required for one part.
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Dutch composer Hans Tobel's (1966-) Quartet for Clarinets (2010) is a tremendous addition to the clarinet quartet repertoire, at once both engaging and quite accessible for the young performer. There are some effective challenges for the intermediate ensemble, but no extreme demands on range; the work would be an effective addition to a recital program, and one or more movements could easily be selected for use in an ensemble competition at the high-school level.

The five-movement work for four clarinets requires two of the players to double on bass clarinet, although only one of the parts requires an extended-range instrument. For the Prologue, all four players are on B-flat clarinet. In the Allegro which follows, one clarinetist switches to bass. The lovely Lento Lamentoso comes next, with a second player moving to bass. This instrumentation - two clarinets, two bass clarinets - is continued for the remaining two movements, a Scherzo mecanico and an effective Fugato.

Catalog Info #ALEA1076
Score: 26 pages, spiral bound
Parts: 7 pages each, staple bound