Title Hans Tobel: Trio Bassoso Op.13 (2008)
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet Trio
Range Extended range instruments required (all parts)
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Dutch composer Hans Tobel (1966-) wrote Trio Bassoso in 2008 for his wife, a bass clarinetist, to perform with two of her young students. The work is an excellent addition to the available repertoire of easily-accessible ensemble pieces; it could be used as an effective challenge for the young student, or a smooth addition to a program for more experienced high school or college players.

The brief work consists of three movements, all with dance-like rhythms: Scherzando in 5/8; Andante serioso in 6/8; Vivo in 9/8. While all players are required to have an extended-range instrument, the demands on range are otherwise quite limited.

Catalog Info #ALEA1075
Score: 6 pages, spiral bound
Parts: 2 pages each, single sheet