Title Wolfgang Gabriel: Piano Sonata Op.83 (2003)
Instrumentation Solo Piano
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Austrian composer Wolfgang Gabriel (1930-) wrote his Piano Sonata Op.83 for Kimberly Davenport in 2003. The two movement work, which utilizes the same two twelve-tone rows in both movements, has a total duration of approximately 13 minutes.

Although structured with the twelve-tone rows, the work's language is quite accessible for performer and audience alike, featuring an opening slow movement which builds in dramatic intensity, and a quick second movement which builds in excitement. There are moderate technical challenges, but the would be an easy addition to the professional pianist's repertoire, and would make an excellent challenge for a high-school or college pianist.

The composer's detailed explanation of the twelve-tone rows is included with the score, to aid in the performer's analysis and understanding of the work.


Listen to a performance of the first movement:

Catalog Info #ALEA1074
Piano Score: 14 pages, spiral bound