Title Ivana Loudová: Air (1972) and Aulos (1976)
Instrumentation Air: Bass Clarinet & Piano
Aulos: Bass Clarinet Solo
Range Extended range instrument required
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One of the most prominent Czech composers of her generation, Ivana Loudová (1941-2017) was a member of the composition faculty of the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Prague for nearly three decades. Her early studies in Prague were with Czech composers Miloslav Kabelac and Emil Hlobil, and this was followed by work in Paris with Olivier Messiaen and Andre Jolivet. Her vast catalog of compositions includes works for orchestra, various chamber ensembles, solo instruments, and voice. Air (1972) and Aulos (1976) were dedicated to the great Czech bass clarinetist Josef Horak.

Originally published in 1980, these two works have long been audience favorites, and staples of the performance/recording repertoire of several contemporary bass clarinetists. Unfortunately, though, the original publication has long been out-of-print, and therefore unavailable to performers and students of the instrument. After working with the composer to obtain permission and correct errors from the original publication, Alea Publishing is delighted to once again make these outstanding works available.

Syllabi/Music Lists

This publication appears in the following syllabi/prescribed music lists:

  • Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (2016-2017)

Watch the score as you listen to our performance of Air:

Catalog Info #ALEA1072
Air Score: 6 pages, spiral bound
Air Part: 3 pages, single sheet
Aulos Part: 2 pages, single sheet