Title That's Life (2009) by Deborah Anderson
Instrumentation Clarinet Quartet
Three Clarinets, Bass Clarinet
Range Extended range instrument required for bass clarinet part

Listen to an excerpt (beginning of 2nd movement) from a live performance in Tacoma, Washington by clarinetists Lawrence Bradley, Craig Rine, Heidi Huckins, and Cindy Renander.

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About the Work

The three-movement That's Life (2009) is an excellent addition to the clarinet quartet repertoire. The work is melodic and cheerful, perhaps providing a nice contrast on a recital program. Additionally, That's Life is accessible enough for student performers to work well for a student recital or community music venue.

The three brief movements, Carefree, Tough Love, and Livin' in the Fast Lane evoke for performers and audience alike three distinct and delightful moods.

About the Composer

Deborah J. Anderson is a Northwest American composer with over sixty works for a wide variety of voices and instruments. ALRY Publications has published many of her works, including several for flute, flute choir, and bassoon. A number of these pieces have been favorably reviewed in The Flute Quarterly, Flute Talk, and the Journal of the International Double Reed Society.

Catalog Info #ALEA1071
Score: 10 pages, spiral bound
Parts: 3 pages each, booklet format