Title Kummer: Six Duets Op.156
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet Duet
Range Extended range instruments required
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Friedrich August Kummer (1797-1879) was primarily known as a virtuoso cellist, and the bulk of his compositions feature that instrument. From his prolific output, we have chosen the Op. 156 duets for two cellos for transcription for bass clarinet duet. Although composed in the 19th century, the works are more reminscent of the classical period than the romantic. As is common in duo works of this period, the parts are imitative, resulting in equal range and challenges for both players.

Each three-movement duet could be performed in its entirety in a recital setting; several of the movements would also stand alone for study or for use in a contest setting. Throughout the set, there is a great variety of material, with menuets, rondos, variation sets, etc. The original work contains relatively few double-stops, so the majority of these have been maintained in this transcription, notated as grace notes. Original keys and range maintained throughout.


Listen to a portion of the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info #ALEA1060
55 pages, spiral bound