Title Schumann: Piano Quintet Op.44
Instrumentation Clarinet Quartet & Piano
Range Extended-range instrument NOT required for bass clarinet part.
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Alea is pleased to present this fine transcription by clarinetist Erica Manzo, produced as part of her DMA studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Schumann's Quintet Op.44, originally for string quartet and piano, was composed in 1842. Dr. Manzo's artful transcription of the work for clarinet quartet and piano was completed in 2003.

The four-movement work is an excellent example of Romantic-era chamber music. This transcription retains the musical value of the original, while making an effective performance piece available to the clarinet quartet. The four-movement work offers a great variety of material: the sonata-allegro form first movement; a funeral march slow movement; a Scherzo; and a sonata-rondo form Finale.

The work easily stands on its own as a performance piece for recitals or chamber music concerts and as a learning tool for advanced students.


Listen to the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1058
Score: 126 pages, spiral bound
Clarinet I, II, III, Bass Clarinet parts: staple bound