Title Jan Vičar: Lullabies (2007)
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Also available in versions for violin & piano, 'cello & piano
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There are not many Czech composers who have not written a piece for the 'Paganini of the bass clarinet', Josef Horák. Jan Vičar planned several times to write something for Due Boemi (Horák and pianist Emma Kovárnová). However, Horák died in 2005 and Lullabies for bass clarinet and piano was not completed until July 31, 2007. The piece is dedicated to Duo Alea, Michael and Kimberly Davenport.

The work is based on the folk music of Vičar's native country. The five minute long piece is generated from Moravian lullabies chosen from the repertory of a folk singer, Zdena Hovorková. The composer expanded the governing feature of Lydian mode, augmented fourth, into bi-tonality: a mother sings and rocks her baby (simple tune in D-flat major for the piano), but the child's dreaming comes from somewhere else (bass clarinet in G major).

The composer also created versions of the lovely work for violin with piano and 'cello with piano. With few changes other than range, the work is equally effective in each of these versions. Alea Publishing is pleased to make all three versions available.

From the Czech Republic, Jan Vičar (born 1949 in Olomouc) is a prolific composer whose compositions have been performed and recorded by leading Czech soloists, orchestras and choirs in the Czech Republic, United States, Canada, Japan and Europe.

Publication sold with two scores and one part, allowing the soloist to rehearse from the score, but perform from the part to avoid awkward page turns.


Listen to a performance of the work in its version for violin and piano!

Catalog Info #ALEA1055a: Bass Clarinet & Piano
#ALEA1055b: Violin & Piano
#ALEA1055c: 'Cello & Piano
Score: 5 pages, spiral bound
Part: 2 pages, single sheet

Publication includes two copies of the score and one part.