Title J.B. Pergolesi: Sinfonia
Instrumentation Clarinet or Bass Clarinet Duet
Range Extended-range instruments NOT required.
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Although he lived a short life (1710-1736), Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was a prolific composer and among the most successful and respected of his generation. This four-movement Sinfonia was composed for two cellos, with the top part clearly a solo line, and the lower part a simple accompaniment. The fourth movement of the piece was used by Stravinsky as the thematic material for his famed Pulcinella suite. This piece is an absolute gem!

This transcription works equally well with two bass clarinets, two clarinets, or clarinet and bass clarinet duet. Because of the solo/accompaniment nature of the two parts, the piece would also be excellent for teacher and student or two students who are at different levels. Extended range bass clarinet is NOT required, although a few notes are provided for use of that range in the lower part if an extended range instrument is available.


Listen to the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1048
Duo score: 7 pages, spiral bound