Title Haydn: Four 'London' Trios
Instrumentation Two Clarinets & Bass Clarinet
Range Extended-range instrument required for bass clarinet part.
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Haydn's lovely 'London' Trios, so called because they were written during one of the composer's stays in London, were originally composed for two flutes and 'cello. The first and third of the Trios are each three movements in length, with the slow-fast-slow arrangement common of the period. The second and fourth Trios are each just one movement. The four pieces can be performed as a group, but also stand alone just as convincingly.

Because the two clarinet parts were originally for flute, the high range offers some useful challenges for young players, while the bass clarinetist can enjoy some excellent practice in chamber playing. An extended-range bass clarinet is required if the performer wishes to remain completely faithful to the original; however, the use of the extended range is minimal, and an experienced performer or young student with the assistance of their teacher could easily re-write a few phrases to avoid this range if an extended-range instrument is not available.


Listen to a portion of the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1047
Miniature score: 30 pages, spiral bound
Three parts: 12 pages each, staple bound