Title Girolamo Frescobaldi: Canzoni
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended-range instrument NOT required.
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Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643) was a keyboard virtuoso and prolific composer active in the early 17th century, and influential for important composers of the later Baroque period, including Bach. This publication makes available to bass clarinetists four Canzoni originally composed for bass and continuo.

The four short pieces alternate between slow and fast tempi, with sections of simple imitation alternating with more expressive, lightly ornamented passages. Provides the young player with exposure to pre-baroque repertoire of accessible difficulty level and comfortable range; would also make an excellent addition to a recital program for an established bass clarinet/piano duo. Original keys and range maintained throughout.

Syllabi/Music Lists

This publication appears in the following syllabi/prescribed music lists:

  • Trinity College London (2017-2020 Woodwind Syllabus)

Listen to the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1040
Piano score: 18 pages, spiral bound
Part: 11 pages, staple bound