Title Telemann: Six Sonatas
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet Duet
or Clarinet Duet
Range Extended range instrument NOT required
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Telemann composed this lovely set of Six Sonatas for two flutes, violins, or recorders in 1727. Each sonata consists of four movements, arranged in typical baroque fashion, slow-fast-slow-fast. As is common in baroque duo works, the parts are imitative, resulting in equal range and challenges for both players.

This transcription offers clarinetists and bass clarinetists an excellent set of baroque pieces for performance or study. Because of the range of the original, the duos are equally effective for clarinet duet or bass clarinet duet, and do not require use of the lowest or highest ranges of either instrument. Because the original keys would have proven very challenging in transposition for clarinets, we have chosen keys which should be comfortable for all players.


Listen to a portion of the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info #ALEA1029
61 pages, spiral bound