Title J.S. Bach: Gamba Sonatas
BWV 1027-1029
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended range instrument NOT required
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J.S. Bach composed this delightful set of three sonatas for the viola da gamba, an instrument similar to the 'cello that was in common use during Bach's time. The first two sonatas each have four movements, arranged slow-fast-slow-fast, while the third drops the opening slow movement, starting out immediately with the opening Vivace. The slow movements offer an excellent opportunity to explore baroque ornamentation, while the fast movements are challenging in their counterpoint with the accompaniment.

This publication provides an excellent set of performance pieces without a tremendous demand on range. An extended-range instrument is not required, nor is use of the altissimo register. Original keys and range have been maintained throughout, in an effort to remain faithful to Bach's original works.

Transcribed by Canadian bass clarinetist Stephen Davidson.

Syllabi/Music Lists

Selections from this publication appear in the following syllabi/prescribed music lists:

  • Australian Music Examinations Board (2016 Clarinet Syllabus)

Listen to a portion of the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info #ALEA1025
Piano score: 62 pages, spiral bound
Part: 22 pages, spiral bound