Title Wolfgang Gabriel: Sonatine Op.36 (1977)
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended-range instrument NOT required.
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Wolfgang Gabriel's Sonatine Op.36 (1977) is a stunning three-movement work for bass clarinet and piano, and like his Sonata, is a fine addition to the bass clarinet repertoire. All three movements make use of the full range of the instrument in a lyric context, requiring familiarity and comfort with the altissimo register. The work does not, however, require an extended range instrument.

In the first movement, Andantino, the bass clarinet and piano exchange melodic ideas amidst frequent changes of tempo and meter. The second movement is a beautifully lyric Adagio. The last movement is a dramatic Allegrissimo complete with a cadenza for the bass clarinet. As a true chamber work, there are challenges to be found for both performers. The duration is approximately 12 minutes.

Syllabi/Music Lists

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  • Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (2016-2017)

Watch the score as you listen to our recording of the first movement of Sonatine:

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1017
Piano score: 17 pages, spiral bound
Part: 7 pages, staple bound