Title Haydn: Duet Hob. XXI:4
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet Duet (or Clarinet Duet)
Range Extended-range instruments NOT required.
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Haydn's relatively unknown Duet for two celli is wonderfully effective in transcription for bass clarinet duet. The Duet consists of three movements: a Theme with Variations, a lovely Allegro, and a Menuetto and Trio. The familiar style and limited range of the work make it quite accessible, and therefore a fine addition to the contest and recital library of students of all ages.

Maintaining the key of the original, the work does not require extended range instruments, and in fact can be played as a duet for soprano clarinets.


Listen to the work in its original instrumentation!

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1015
Duo score: 7 pages, staple bound