Title Wolfgang Gabriel: Sonata Op.30 (1975)
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended-range instrument NOT required.
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The Sonata Op.30 (1975) is a challenging four-movement work with a duration of approximately 19 minutes. The entire work could easily serve as the centerpiece of a recital program, and a movement from the piece would be an excellent choice for contest or audition for the ambitious high school player.

Although composed late in the 20th century, the Sonata is based on Welsh folk songs, and is therefore highly melodic. The bass clarinet writing utilizes the full range of the instrument, including some challenging altissimo passages, but the work does not require an extended-range instrument. As a true chamber work, the parts are relatively equal in difficulty, requiring skilled performers on both instruments.

Syllabi/Music Lists

This publication appears in the following syllabi/prescribed music lists:

  • Texas UIL Prescribed Music List (2016-2017)
  • Australian Music Examinations Board (2016 Clarinet Syllabus)
Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1014
Piano score: 32 pages, spiral bound
Part: 11 pages, staple bound